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tv   NBC 16 News At 11pm  NBC  September 24, 2017 11:30pm-12:05am EDT

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stadium are pretty amazing. l.a. too. >> al: you build a stadium they'll come. every time they move it's another municipality. look at davis, the owner of the team. it's all about you build a facility. that was the case in oakland and they said hey, we'll build it for you. >> cris: by the league as well for a long time you thought that was never going to happen and times change. >> al: times they do change. 2nd and 3. and washington gets blasted so zach brown -- >> cris: maybe that's the way this game is supposed to end.
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tonight hasn't he? i like him as a player. as he begins to figure out this defense more and more -- >> al: that was symbolic. and washington redskins took advantage of two early turnovers. take a long red eye home. go to work to meet denver next week. 27-10 our final score. up next the volkswagen postgame report after these messages from your nbc station.
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stunning, washington dominates oakland. both teams now 2-1. redskins now 27. raiders 10 in this one. you had an oakland team that came in with a combined 35 points coming to washington with all the offense, all the momentum. what a job up front. both the offense and the defense tied in the early part of the
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season atop the nfc east. and they're all standing by with michelle. >> a big night with chris thompson. not only the running game but passing game as well. >> he did a great job of calling plays today. he was almost perfect in his play calling. it made it easy for me. offensive line did such a great job so it's just all credit to them and it's a blessing. i'm just honored to be in here. >> this offensive line is a prideful bunch. from your position on the field, what did you see in front of you. >> they continue to fight. last week they put on a good show and they continue to fight.
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we had to make big plays and they continued to grind it out and the raiders have a great defense so with mack, ervin, those guys, our offensive line did a really good job. that's something we have to continue to work on. >> the guys did a good job and a lot of people contributed playing all night long. >> i was going to ask, what it was like to watch your defense turn in that performance. >> you have to have a great defense and it was great to see them get after it and rally and tackle. just phenomenal. really gave us the field position all night. >> this team represents the nation's capital and tonight you
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what was behind that decision. >> we just wanted unity. i'm tired of the division going on in the country and we just wanted unity like linking arms and hopefully, you know, this city can stay together and hopefully we as a league can stay together and, you know, we'll see where we go from here. >> hopefully your baby boy shows up soon. congratulations. >> yeah, that's the next step. probably the last game before i'm a dad. >> congrats. >> let's go to josh norman and talk about this defense that held a usually explosive oakland offense. just over 100 yards. what kind of mind set did it take? >> god is good. i tell you. everything that's going on in the world right now he is good, man. come out here and put on a performance like we did tonight. oh my gosh. it's just amazing. they made it personal tonight. they made it really personal and
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everybody had the energy from the start to the finish. that's what we needed to be a great football team like oakland raiders. they put out their best fight. hats off to them. >> certainly was your defense's night. no question about it and you mentioned with all that's going on in the world and this team linked arms, you guys wanted to show unity, where do you think your team goes from here when it comes to being out here for the national anthem? >> that's just a demonstration. i feel we had to do just because of you know, the tyranny that we face behind potus but it's sad we have to go through stuff like that. at the end of the day we unite as one nobody is going to divide us. that's what we proved today. lock arms as brothers and letting them know we will not be taken down. >> somehow when you say it josh i can't help but believe it. congratulations on the night. >> i'm so excited. you have no idea.
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i'm about to celebrate with my familia and everybody in there. this is a team win. we couldn't do it without everyone. so hats off to them. this is their ball. >> congratulations. mike i want to go play for the redskins all of a sudden. >> josh may sign you up there michelle. the passion we saw with rodney harrison on the pregame. you see it continuing postgame. let me bring in tony. i cheated washington 100 yards. they outgained by 344 yards here tonight. both lines really the defensive line set the tone early and the offense i have line paved the way for a tremendous redskins performance. >> no, it really was, mike. i am surprised they came out and shutdo h
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that's stunning to me. i have to take my hat off to them. >> all right, tony, unprecedented day in the nfl. so many from around the league responding to the president's comments. now that the day is over, pull back for a second. what's your biggest takeaway from what we saw? >> the biggest takeaway was the unity that the league showed. josh norman mentioned it. today their front office, their owner, coaches, everybody linking arms and i think that's what happened. some members of the national football league got attacked and everybody rallied around them. this is as unified as i have seen the league probably since the 1982 player strike. >> interesting perspective. some people didn't agree with what was going on. i was by the raiders bench when they were sitting for the national anthem. a lot of fans were booing them. we'll see how this plays out but a very interesting day. i want to bring in mike of pro football where do you see things going from here?
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>> well, i can tell you from the nfl perspective the hope is that the president will move on to something else and that this issue of the protests during the anthem will subside and the league can get back to the work that it was doing. players working with law enforcement to get a better understand tofg issues that communities are dealing with. the kinds of issues that came up in the feature that coach dungy had with michael thomas and kenny stills of the dolphins. when this does die down, if it does die down then those efforts can come back to the front burner and progress can be made and these won't be an issue week after week. >> mike, thank you. tomorrow morning mike will have pro football talk live from 7:00 to 9:00 a.m. eastern followed by the dan patrick show. final score tonight washington 27 oakland 10. back to wrap it upright after this.
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welcome back to the volkswagen suvw postgame report. >> he throws, caught at the 50. back in. 35, 30, 20, touchdown ty hilton. >> in the shotgun, rolling right. fired toward the goal line. ball is caught. >> touchdown seahawks. >> so the match up next week in seattle is indianapolis against seattle. each is 1-2. indy comes off a win. seattle off a loss. they give up 21 straight points. russell wilson threw three touchdowns. what's going on in seattle right now? >> obviously a very emotional time between what was going on in the league and the protests and th
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those things i'm sure contributed to it but then you also have a little conflict probably offense not scoring as many points. they did today obviously but you don't know. it will be interesting to get inside the building and figure out what is going on with that football team but i'm anxious to see this. you think about what he has done now in very short order, they didn't look good at all. they make the trade with the patriots. he comes over and did what most people would say is impossible. learn the offense in a week and a half and go out and play really football. he perked up that team. >> he was pretty good last year the one time he to replace brady so who knows. andrew luck, they hope to have him back maybe by week six. anyways, it's indianapolis against seattle. >> let's do it. >> good night pal. >> good night everybody. coming
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now for our entire crew on sunday night football, al michaels saying good night from landover, maryland. where the redskins win and you have been watching sunday night football. >> nbc sports home of super bowl lii thanks you for watching this presentation of the national football league.
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back to pass, going over the middle! >> oh, it doesn't get much better. you saw it right here on nbc for the redskins, being one of the active's best teams. the big win caps a weekend dominated by sports and politics. good evening, folks. i'm jim handly. >> i'm erika gonzalez. we have excitement over tonight's game and the controversy over the national anthem. carol kicks things off. carol, they were on fire tonight. >> reporter: yeah, they were. even after the final whistle like a postgame party moved into the locker room. while this night may mean more than football, i can tell you the redskins season, trajectory would change. a dominant game. dan snyder on the field with his players, they were locked in arms i
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knee and a few players standing there proudly as the national anthem took center stage all across the nfl to the game. redskins come out ready right out of the jump. raiders intercepted by the rookie, montae nicholson, forcing three turnovers and four sacked offense. going after the interception. redskins cash in with kirk cousins and his favorite new target, chris thompson. the fourth tb of the season for number 25. he had 188 total yards on the night, thompson did. redskins win it 27-10, they are now 2-1. more later on news4 at 11:00. we will go inside the locker room for their reaction. >> hang with us just a minute. we want to get back with you in just a
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first, tonight's game, the start of the game, redskins released a statement over the controversy of the an them and released a prayer and the sacrifice of the military. football has always brought people together. they said football has always served to bring teams together. we invite you to say what you think on the team's statement. we invite you to go there now and chime in. >> the political football over the national anthem almost overshadowed today. we were getting reports what the redskins and raiders weren't going to do. turns out the raiders wanted to skip the anthem all together and stay inside the locker room. because of when tonight's game began the team would have violated the rules and forfeited the coin crosses and received a 15 m
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decided to join together on the field. what fans thought about this protest today and the controversy. derek. >> reporter: it was all about the controversy today. it didn't seem to be as much of a distraction, at least not to the washington teams you can tell by the happy fans today. that doesn't mean it's gone away. it is indeed an issue. some teams took a knee. coaches and staff stood with arms locked in sol daredy. rarely has the sideline been so up and front and rarely have they seen a president throw fuel on the controversy with a protest from the gridiron. >> america wouldn't exist if it wasn't for protests. now you can't protest because your skin color is black. >> cap per nibbling for kaepernick, fraternity brothers of the man who started a roilg controversy before the protest. they were among the latest to reaction of the president's reti
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of those who protest them calling on team owners to protest or fire them. >> i think it's very disrespectful to our country and very very disrespectful to our flag. >> donald trump galvanized it. >> the president has no business weighing in. >> he has given the issue new life. it was on the minds of most tailgaters this evening. >> actually, they're protesting for everybody else, the injustice they see across the nation. this is a good nation we live in, not in all stances. >> there were still a few fans who agreed with the president, who are against the quiet protest during the national anthem but called to boycott teams who protested on the field didn't seem to be answered. among those that support kaepernick has grown. >> every game i have attended since then i sat through the national anthem. people around me have gotten upset with me. i told them, sorry. >>
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is over. we have heard a statement from the redskin organization what they plan to do going forward. that's good because we did hear from protesters they have yet to hear from dan snider where he stood and will do about this whole issue. maybe going forward there will be a little more guidance for the team on that issue. >> thank you. in nashville, seattle seahawks tennessee titans refused to leave the locker room for the national anthem today. in chicago, pittsburgh steeler players didn't take the field for the anthem except for one, an army ranger who served in afghanistan. we made a photo gallery for you of players kneeling. see it in our nbc washington app by searching "nfl." >> we want to go to some breaking news. the secret service has arrested a man near the white house. cnn reported the man had nine guns and three knives in his car. according to cnn the arrest happened this morning in the area of 17th
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the man reportedly told secret service he wanted to speak to white house officials including defense secretary james mattis about missing paychecks. cnn says the man was taken to a mental facility in the district for a mental evaluation. >> today felt more like july with all that heat and humidity out there. storm team meteorologist amelia draper. it didn't feel much like fall out there today. i was sweating like a pig at fedex field. >> absolutely. we hit a high of 92 degrees, believe it or not. i like to say we're out of the woods headed towards fall weather. we might have another day. >> still hot and humid from your monday and only a few degrees away from hitting a record high temperature today to tell you how unusual this is. look at your monday morning planner. we're still at a balmy 75 degrees. by 10:00 a.m., almost at 80 and lunchtime i
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not only is it hot but humid as well. take a look at this. it will feel like low to mid 90s tomorrow. humidity through wednesday this time of year, it's going to be down right oppressive. changes move into the area thursday and start to feel more comfortable. by friday, it's feeling more like fall. i'll have more on the numbers. you may want to grab the umbrella in about 10 minutes. >> thanks. we are learning new details about the suspect in today's mass shooting outside nashville, tennessee. this is sampson. sampson posted some very bizarre messages on facebook that include this one quote become the creator instead of what's created and whatever you say goes end quote. nbc justice correspondent pete williams was the man who prevented further casualties. >> reporter: the sunday service just
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nashville when a man jumped out in the parking lot and jumped out with a handgun and shot and killed a woman coming out of the church and opened fire. >> this is a level 1 mass security incident. >> people were hiding and running to getaway. >> reporter: police say the church usher tackled the gunman who beat him with a pistol and fired another shot. >> during the struggle, the gunman shot himself, probably not intentionally in the left pectoral muscle, in the left chest. >> reporter: a woman in the church said the man firing the shots never said a word. >> he kept running in front of the church in the parking lot and started shooting and then looking to his left. that's when he came in the middle and then this guy came
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down. >> reporter: she says she works at a v.a. hospital and helped control the bleeding on one of the gunshot victims. the usher, 22-year-old robert engle ran to his car and got a gun. >> he's a hero and stopped this madness. we're very grateful to him. >> reporter: six others shot inside the church all adults, four in their 60s and two in their 80s taken to the hospital. the gunman is 25-year-old emanuel sampson from nearby murphysville, will be jailed tonight and face murder and attempted murder charges. a developing story where president trump added more countries to that travel ban list, chad, north korea and venezuela were
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the new restrictions very bi-country. the president did block all visas from north korea and syria. no currently issued green cards, visas or travel documents will be revoked. new tonight, president trump challenging senate republicans on healthcare, he said after seven years of talks now is the time to get it done. i want to show you a live look on capitol hill where the white house is calling for a vote on wednesday. the graham-cassidy bill has no democratic support and three republican no votes will kill it. party leaders making a last ditch effort to win over skeptical senators concerned about the deep cuts to medicaid as well as shifting money and power away from the federal government to individual states. a northern virginia woman went to grab a bite to eat and something took a bite out of her. the terrifying attack that sent her to the hospital. buzz swirling around white house advis
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president's son-in-law jared kushner that has people comparing him to hillary clinton. i caught up with pat collins and his day f theor
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ralpand i sponsoredralph northam, canthis adfor governor narrator: ed gillespie says dr. ralph northam doesn't show up? dr. ralph northam was an army doctor and a volunteer medical director at a children's hospice. he passed the virginia law requiring concussion standards for school sports. the smoking ban in restaurants. and dr. northam is working to connect veterans to good paying jobs in virginia. ed gillespie is a washington dc corporate lobbyist. he shows up for whoever pays him.
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new tonight, that concert for charlottesville billed as rally for unity. these are some of those that performed at the scotts stadium. and people made
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benefit victims and their families as well as the first responders following the august protests. the search is on for the man who shot and killed a man in college park. a second shooting victim may not survive his injuries. crews spent sunday morning dusting for fingerprints at the 7 springs apartment complex on cherry hill road. it happened around 5:30 a.m. police have not released more information and we're working amid new revelations. news about jared kushner using his personal account to e-mail those in the white house. down playing all of this, his attorney releasing a statement saying most of the e-mail contained forwarded news articles or political commentary. remember the use of e-mail servers was a big topic, president trump repeatedly talking about hillary clinton's use of a private server while she was secretary of state. the fbi found she committed no crime.
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was the size of a grapefruit after a copperhead steak bit her inside a steakhouse in fredericksburg. her boyfriend and son killed that snake. she told the free lance she's out of the hospital. a spokesman for longhorn said they will help her and look for ways to prevent this from happening again. the story has more than 200 shares on our nbc washington facebook page. log-on and leave your comments. volunteers in arlington boxed up much needed supplies bound for hurricane victims in puerto rico. united is collecting donations for the next few days. this group is sponsored by the first lady. many of these volunteers have family in puerto rico. at the game tonight, one very special redskins fan and her son were the envy of a lot of people. you got to meet them. >> i did,ol
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humongous stretch limousine. such a pleasure to meet her and her son, alex. not only did they get to see the game in style, they got to experience pat collins. she won a date with pat to go to the game. not sure if she or pat was more, side. he is a mother of five from george's county and made a promise to her late husband to bring her son to a football game. what a night they had. i was high-fiving with them on that first play. here's pat to tell us how it went. >> then, we have club seats and field, look how close you can touch those athletes. here's the bonus, i'm going to spread this around for everybody. when it's all over, guess how we're getting home? limo. >> first class all the way. by the way, more than 2800 peoplent


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